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Add:Tangpu Industrial Park,Anji county,Zhejiang province,PRC
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huzhou hengxin metal product co. ltd located in the beautiful anji county famous as the hometown of bamboo and chair base, where is the yangtze river economic delta region in china, it covers an area of 66,800 square meters. the company 280 kilometers away from shanghai port, 310 kilometers from ningbo port and 68 kilometers from hangzhou city, the traffic is very convenient.

sofa recliner mechanisms products

1.the sofa recliner mechanism adopts the design of wide heavy gauge links and built-in articulating elevated mid-ottoman. profile shape designed for safety and appearance without pinch points. articulating designs allows use of wider & higher mid-ottoman for elimination of entrapment areas and for leg support.
2.the sofa recliner mechanism system adopts the geometrically balanced design to balance chair operation. it is consistent and easy for operation by any person. the occupant is weight is used to balance operation. meanwhile it controls the sitting position and reclining position. springs here are only used for locking and the initial start of the opening.
3.the customer has several options as to how to activate the mechanism. there are cable style, outside handle style and inside handle style. easy operation. customer can choose to use handle or lever activation to open the sofa recliner sofa recliner mechanism and the color of the handle or lever. slight footrest pressure will allow closing the ottoman.
4.the system uses direct drive with double locks. the direct drive with double over-center locks enables maximum synchronization of side positive locking of both sides. square drive tube connects to and controls both left and right sides. ottoman is locked closed on both sides.
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